Lake and Water Assistance Program

Local groups often face considerable organizational obstacles. Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Education & Protection can help:

  1. Contributions are tax deductible. Our board will review your project to determine if it meets the tax law criteria freeing partner organizations to work together on decision making for the common good.
  2. Water problems often require a watershed or multiple lake focus, with no single organization available to pull the effort together. Our LWAP provides local leaders from the various affected lakes the structure to come together and work cooperatively to define and solve the problems at hand, without needing to create a new organization or worry about which existing organization should take the lead.
  3. Our LWAP provides administrative support, including managing contributions and disbursements, contracting with service providers, and helping organize local planning efforts to define and solve water problems and pay for the solutions.
  4. Our LWAP may help relate a local situation to others around the state so that local leaders can be connected, in achieving funding partnerships with local governmental organizations responsible for water quality concerns, and in obtaining grants from foundations, state agencies and the organizations responsible for recommending disbursement of state funding constitutionally dedicated to environmental purposes.
KGSK Save Our Lakes Fund -
The KGSK Save Our Lakes program will assist the citizens on the interconnected lakes of Kohlman, Gervais, Spoon and Keller Lakes in Northern Ramsey County.
A dedicated group of homeowners on these lakes have been working hard over the last three years raising both money and awareness to provide short term relief from their excessive native and invasive plants while seeking  DNR approval for a Lake Vegetation Management Plan to provide for long term transformation of the lakes ecology to address and solve these problems permanently.

While the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, Ramsey County and the DNR have all been helpful, this pilot is a critical effort that will undoubtedly be a key milestone in our broader efforts to battle excessive aquatic growth, combat the effects of global warming and excessive and harmful runoff.
The public/private partnerships that are formed and bring positive solutions here, will serve as a guide for how we advance our statewide efforts to solve these critical issues that face so many of our lakes and watersheds.

We need your help to continue to support this critical pilot!  To contribute and show your support, simply click the "Contribute to KGSK SOL Fund" button below to donate and help us to shape a positive outcome in this important stepping stone to solving this problem statewide!