Water Connects Us All

We are the solution:
Inquire, educate, organize a new water civics.

Water quality solutions require a three legged stool of action: conduct focused scientific inquiry, educate Minnesota’s school kids and adults in aquatic sciences, and build the disciplined and structured civics necessary to create sustainable change. There is a role for all of us in this work, and Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Education & Protection is where we meet.

Our Vision:

The next seven generations of Minnesotans will continue to enjoy our lakes and rivers as they do today. Our lakes will still have clear waters, productive fisheries, healthy waterfowl, and robust native aquatic plant and animal communities.

Engage for Clean Water

The Problem

Minnesota’s waters and fisheries are eroding rapidly. In 2017, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency listed over 40% of the surface waters in Minnesota as impaired. In 2019, the MPCA listed 56% of Minnesota waters as impaired, many to the point where fishing and swimming are no longer recommended.

Climate change is accelerating the degradation. Climate change is as much about water as it is about temperature.

Minnesotans love water. We have a special relationship to water.

Would you want to live in a Minnesota without healthy aquatic ecosystems?

Me neither. We can take action to protect our lakes and rivers for the future.

Your passion is our solution.

Join Us!

Environmental solutions begin with a more powerful civics based on the truth that Water Connects Us All


The governmental, regulatory and institutional systems we’ve built to protect and research water are largely siloed.

Water flows around and through the gaps. Impairments continue.

There are no political divisions with water. Water Connects Us All.

When active citizens build a new, just and engaged civic infrastructure in communities across the state based in inquiry, education and communication, WE WILL close the gaps between these silos.

The Solution: A New Approach

The Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Education & Prevention pursues a new approach to protect our precious fresh waters and fisheries—one that combines focused scientific inquiry, education and communication with a local civic model based in justice, transparency and sustainability.

Water Connects Us All - that connection is the solution.

Charismatic leaders, silver bullet solutions, dump trucks full of money - these are not required.

Citizens who claim water as a jurisdiction, define a role for themselves, and commit to the public good of clean and healthy lake and river ecosystems is the solution.

Join Us!

Active citizenship is the basis of our Water Connects Us All work.

Join Us!